About Western Digs

Western Digs is a science news site that investigates the archaeology, anthropology, and paleontology of the American West.

I’m Blake de Pastino, a science journalist who has worked for YouTube’s SciShow and National Geographic News, among other places, and I created Western Digs because I’m passionate about exploring the West and examining how science can help us understand history.

WD’s reporting has been cited by Newsweek, NPR, Smithsonian magazine, The Daily Beast, Discovery News, RealClearScience, Archaeology magazine, and many other sources.

Western Digs focuses on peer-reviewed research as well as developments in policy, politics and popular culture as they affect the West’s natural and cultural resources.

I think understanding the past is key to making sense of the present, and making decisions for the future. I hope you enjoy WD and come back soon.

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