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  1. Ceremonial 'Axis' Road Discovered in Heart of A...

    […] After more than 85 years of study and speculation, recent digs have confirmed the presence of a ceremonial road running through the heart of Cahokia, the largest prehistoric city north of Mexico, a…  […]

  2. Jim O'Donnell
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    Interesting stuff! Cahokia is amazing. One thing. You state that Cahokia was the largest city north of Mexico. In fact, this is incorrect. Many researchers still see Chaco as a bunch of different sites instead of seeing the whole canyon and area as the city that it was. This will change of course but it is a stubborn sticking point that hinders research into what was really going on at Chaco and the possible connections between Cahokia and Chaco.

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    […] Ceremonial ‘Axis’ Road Discovered in Heart of Ancient City of Cahokia […]

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