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    […] After more than 85 years of study and speculation, recent digs have confirmed the presence of a ceremonial road running through the heart of Cahokia, the largest prehistoric city north of Mexico, a…  […]

  2. Jim O'Donnell
    Jim O'Donnell at |

    Interesting stuff! Cahokia is amazing. One thing. You state that Cahokia was the largest city north of Mexico. In fact, this is incorrect. Many researchers still see Chaco as a bunch of different sites instead of seeing the whole canyon and area as the city that it was. This will change of course but it is a stubborn sticking point that hinders research into what was really going on at Chaco and the possible connections between Cahokia and Chaco.

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    […] Ceremonial ‘Axis’ Road Discovered in Heart of Ancient City of Cahokia […]

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  5. Tedd
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    The 5 degree thing is interesting. Was there a cosmic feature or event that might have made an impact on the population to build. The twenty year build time corresponds with the return of cosmic event.
    Also, today we do not appreciate time the same way our ancestors did. Back then twenty years was half a lifetime for the populace.

    Thank you


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