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  1. S.M. Stirling
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    And most soft-tissue injuries don’t show up on skeletal remains, so this is pretty certainly a gross underestimate. It’s a lower floor.

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  3. Lauren
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    “Medieval Climatic Anomaly” ??

    That would be totalitarian Global Warming newspeak for the Medieval Warm Period.

    You know, the previous natural warming cycle, that was warmer than today.

    The very un-anomalous one — being part of the ongoing warming-cooling cycles of the last several thousand years, as the Earth wobbles down into the next ice age:


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  6. Leonard Martinez
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    Gee! This runs counter to the narrative of university professors and other sophisticates, who say that indigenous peoples lived in golden harmony among themselves until displaced by evil white Europeans. This needs to be suppressed.

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  9. Joseph Muhammad
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    Reply to Leonard Martinez: That is not what university professors teach; it is not even what Hollywood teaches, although, Hollywood has failed to depict any of the pre-European history of North America demonstrating conflict and wars between tribes that the university professors do teach about. What you learn from the university professors is much like what you learn from the Book of Mormon, some tribes were righteous and some were not and sought to conflict with the peaceful tribes. The Book of Mormon also describes dismemberment of slain enemies as part of the ancient wars between Native Americans. Where does the image of the peaceful Native Americans who never had any wars before the Euros showed up come from? That came out of white guilt in the 1960s, in response to acknowledging the Native American Holocaust, youthful minds imagined them as people without troubles or sin. It is folklore. It is not what is taught at the universities in the Native American studies or history courses. Peace among the Natives prior to the Euro arrival was regional in scale, where tribal treaties and alliances allowed for unified defenses against unfriendly tribes that would not agree to rules of fairness. The Iroquois Nation was a confederation of tribes who practiced representative democracy to maintain peace within their alliance. The tribal and clan chiefs in the Pacific Northwest used to gather for potlatches at which one chief would give away all of his possessions to the others. That chief would then recollect possessions by attending over time the potlatches of other chiefs until it was his turn again to give away his possessions. Somehow this helped maintain the peace among the Native in the Pacific Northwest of what is now the United States and for this, Allah rewarded them with abundant salmon and other resources.

  10. botnotbot
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    Quote 1:

    “It seems that everyone wants to envision some Eden-like period in the past when there was less violence,” he said.

    Quote 2:

    “Violence did not begin in California with the arrival of Europeans — although it did increase at that time,” Jones said.

    I’m sorry, but I find your lack of clarity disturbing. So, more apologist research to whitewash the genocide, when it is clear that there were indeed times of drastically less violence? These “raw” percentage numbers are clearly telling a desired narrative. Otherwise we would have a graph showing the percentages over time, which would clearly show that there were long stretches of time exhibiting significantly less violence than we would find in Europe or post-Columbian America. And yes, I count starvation at the hands of a lord or king to be violence.


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