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  1. Apache Platform Cave Caches Found «
    Apache Platform Cave Caches Found « at |

    […] COLORADO—Sites known as platform cave caches offer evidence that the Apache arrived in the southern mountains of Arizona and New Mexico more […]

  2. RayM
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    Interesting stuff, archeology has gotten more fascinating since the scientists involved have written on their evidence of what happened in America, rather then their speculation. Maybe this will be added to a 1491 reissue?

  3. Apache groups in the Southwest in the 14th century

    […] Long-Hidden Sites Discovered in the Southwest May Change Views of Ancient Migrations Long-Hidden Sites Discovered in the Southwest May Change Views of Ancient Migrations | Western Digs […]

  4. Stan Maliszewski
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    This is a Major contribution to the literature, and history of the Southwest…Thank You, Deni for your tireless efforts.

    Stan Maliszewski

  5. emily saupitty
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    As a young girl my Grandmother (an original allottees who had been given land at the age of 6mos. from the US government) would tell us stories handed down from our families for generations. One as my grandmother and I were laying on the bed I began to ask her questions. My curiosity began to build as I grew older, especially about the Apache people. One of the questions that I had asked her was “Grandma, were did we come from?” and she replied and said what do you mean? I then said ” were did the Apache people come from?” As she laid there and thought for a moment ….her words came out and said when I was a little girl my mother told me that the Apache people came from under the water . Then silence came over the room as I laid there thinking about the answer given to me….my mind began to imagine people walking out from a huge lake of water thousands of people walking onto dry land. As I grew older and began to read the word of God ….especially when the world was flooded in Noahs day and only a few were chosen to be spared from the wrath that came upon the earth. It all began to make sense to me……the Apache people would only tell of the history verbally to their children as handed down from generation to generation. As I pondered on that one question to my grandmother, who by the way, was blind in one eye from infancy. That story in itself could only be imagined from the way the Indians were treated especially the Apache people running and hiding for their life. Their Babies hurt and even dropped by their mothers ….while fleeing from the men who wanted their scalps for bounty of $100.00 for the men, $50.00 for the women and $25.00 for the children. This alone would turn a heart cold,….but not the American Indian …it turned their heart to the creator to ask him to forgive these people for what they were doing to this nation for greed. And now we have a president and its administration that owes the Native American billions of dollars and now were does congress send our money to help aide…..to countries who hate the American people how stupid can one be >>>”to love those who hate you!”

  6. Prehistoric Apache
    Prehistoric Apache at |

    […] Full article here. […]

  7. Deni
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    Thanks for including the news write up on the Apache Platform caches. I would like to point out that the earliest dates are in the AD 1300s (the 14th century) not the 1400s, though there are dates in the 1400s as well. The series of chronometric dates run from the AD 1300s up to the 1800s and samples are on grasses, leaves, and on associated pottery.

  8. Tajemnicze skrytki Apaczów | ARCHEOPASJA

    […] Komunikat prasowy w serwisie Western Digs […]

  9. earl harvey
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    I lived in the Dragoon Mountains from 2010 to2012 and during my exploring near the old Butterfield stage station and in Texas Canyon to the North, I located a couple of rock shelters w/ cache areas. the contents had been removed however. I did meet w/ a local resident that had 2 items found hidden in the surrounding rocks. I was able to hold and look at them. One was a cloth rear saddle decoration. It had beadwork and seemed to be for a doll horse, being 3 in.by 12in. Item 2 was an 1849 colt pocket revolver,still loaded and wrapped in old dried out leather. I love Cochise Co.AZ w/all its history and hope to return soon and continue exploring, if I find anything related to native American history,i will contact the Amerind Foundation in Dragoon,AZ

  10. Hillsboro History
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    You can read about one of the last episodes of resistance here:

  11. Dan Wells
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    What exactly leads one to believe that the platforms were constructed by Apache, and not just reused by them? It’s entirely possible that all the early dated materials were already present in the caves when the Apache found them.

  12. juan lopez
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    I think they went as far as El Paso Texas and even into Chihuahua Mexico


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