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  2. RayM
    RayM at |

    The first assumptions that they were foreign invaders or men defending the sight were incorrect! Makes you wonder how good most assumptions are? It seems archeology and anthropology are full of them.

    1. JWE
      JWE at |

      RAYM got it exactly right, except s/he sees this as a negative. This is how science works! We have “assumptions,” although we call them “hypotheses.” We test them with data. Sometimes data support hypotheses, but often they don’t. This is how knowledge and understanding grows, and how we learn about the world.

      What’s the alternative? We just know something, and we never try to test it. That’s called religion.

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  4. SierraRose
    SierraRose at |

    I’m curious as to why only three of the four sets of remains in the grave were excavated? What happened to the fourth?

  5. Jerry
    Jerry at |

    There is a married couple here in Wyoming that have combined the vocations of archaeology and fictional writing. Their names are Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear. They are both archaeologists and when they go on digs, they write fictional books on some of the objects they find and how they got there. Thinkin they could come up with one heck of a story line on these three.


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