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    […] Plains Indian Fortress With Moat, ?Underground Apartments? Unearthed in Oklahoma | Western Digs Quote: […]

  2. randell herren
    randell herren at |

    great piece / thank you

  3. Jim
    Jim at |

    I have been to this location several times. It is amazing to be in the area of such early history.

  4. Bob Shriner
    Bob Shriner at |

    Very interesting! I’m looking for information regarding any archeological research at Rainy Mountain (Kiowa County, OK). Haven’t found anything so far on the internet. I grew up in the area and after visiting various other Native American mound sites in the east and midwest I am struck by the resemblance of Rainy Mountain to those other mound sites. The site is treated with great respect by the Kiowa people I know; but the ones I’ve talked with about it seem unsure why that is so (or are hesitant to talk about it). Does that peak anyone’s interest??? Or has the area already been examined archeologically???


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