Western Digs’ Top 5 Archaeology Stories of 2013

The topics range from butchered human remains to video games. The stories they  tell come from as long ago as 10,500 years, and as recently as the 1980s.

Western Digs

Of the dozens of articles we’ve posted this year about peer-reviewed archaeological research from around the American West, a select few rose to the very top of the popular imagination.

Their tales have some things in common — mainly geography — but what stands out is their shared ability to portray vividly how scientific endeavor can help us understand the past, whether it’s relatively recent history or the earliest evidence of human life in the West.

If you’ve read them all already, then thanks for making this list possible*. And if it’s all new to you, then welcome to the community of Western Digs.

In either case, let this be the starting point for your journey back through 2013 — and beyond!

Start With Story #5: Carnage in an Ancient Cave >>

* The top five stories are based on pageviews over the calendar year. You’ll notice that the results don’t match our “Popular” tab on the right column, which has been on the fritz since we changed platforms in the fall. But we’ll fix it, with more exciting changes in the coming year!

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