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  1. Jerry D. Kendall

    I was very interested in your article on the ancient village sites recently discovered in the Wind River Mountains. I wrote to you and asked if these might be the remnants of the Mountain Shoshone or the Sheep Eaters and was pretty excited when you replied, quite promptly, that this was indeed a possibility. I found the book written by Dr. Allen on the internet and after reading it, i have convinced, myself at least, that these sites were occupied by the Sheep Eaters or at the very least ancestors of theirs. There are lots of stories to be found and i have been asking and listening since i live 100 yards from the Wind River Indian Reservation. I have also written a book about the Mountain Shoshone which although fiction has a lot of actual facts as far as who they were and how they lived. I do admit there are quite a few discrepancies on what is actual fact and what is stories, but as i said it is fiction. My question is can i advertise this book on your site or at the very least let it be known on here that it exists? i have more books on the way and hope to learn more as i go about these very interesting people.