‘Atari Dump’ Excavation Confirmed by Canadian Entertainment Company

ET video game atari

Western Digs confirmed today that Fuel Entertainment, an Ottawa-based digital media company, will be excavating the so-called Atari Dump, a midden of video game hardware, cartridges, and other electronic detritus buried in New Mexico in 1983.

The small military town of Alamogordo, New Mexico, recently made the seemingly mundane decision to allow excavation of the landfill that includes the Atari jetsam, and the news created such a gawkers’ carnival in the media that it caught the company off guard, a spokesman said today.

“The public interest was amazing and the press interest, so we’re still trying to get caught up and  think about what we want to share,” he said.

No details were available about when the excavation will take place, why the company decided to excavate the site, and what they hope to find there.

The spokesman said plans will be made public in the next few days.

Although media widely reported that Fuel was behind the excavation, Fuel had not confirmed until now.

The spokesman described Fuel Industries as a digital agency that develops branded interactive pieces and includes an entertainment studio, Fuel Entertainment.

“We’re now looking forward to planning the many details that go into actually executing this,” he said.

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  1. gregpabich

    I am quite certain they will find only a single cart there ….The CHEETAHMEN II PROTOTYPE, alien inspired instructions for making a CHEETAH game that will play on hand held telephones and the cryogenically preserved body of VINCE PERRI.

    TRUST ME, I know what I’m talking about