‘Magnificent T. Rex’ Found on Montana Ranch, Museum Reports (With Pictures)

T. rex tail fossil

A nicely in tact, or articulated, set of tail bones is among the draws of a newly discovered fossil of Tyrannosaurus rex, which is being unearthed from a Montana ranch.

Portions of the tail were reportedly some of the first signs that a T. rex might be on the site.

Officials from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, a Dutch museum that spearheaded the hunt for the fossil, said that researchers focused on the Montana site after a pair of amateur paleontologists reporting finding tail bones and teeth there.

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(Photo credit: Servaas Neijens/Naturalis)

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  2. Kem Kough

    The natural history museum of Leiden Netherlands says that they have too many herbivorous dinosaurs and no carnivorous dinosaurs so they want a T rex. Is this a balance of nature thing? Hopefully they don’t think this will solve the too many herbivorous dinosaur problem.