‘Magnificent T. Rex’ Found on Montana Ranch, Museum Reports (With Pictures)

T. rex tooth

The tip of a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth recently excavated in eastern Montana shows serrations along the edge.

These serrations along the ridge, or keel, of the tooth gave it knife-like action as it cut through flesh and bone.

But recent research has also found that the angles of these ridges varied, likely to help in directing food into the mouth.

As if that would be a problem.

Read more about the latest research into T. rex’s predations: “T. Rex Tooth Found in Dinosaur’s Tail Proves Tyrannosaurus Was a Predator, Study Says

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(Photo credit: Servaas Neijens/Naturalis)

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  2. Kem Kough

    The natural history museum of Leiden Netherlands says that they have too many herbivorous dinosaurs and no carnivorous dinosaurs so they want a T rex. Is this a balance of nature thing? Hopefully they don’t think this will solve the too many herbivorous dinosaur problem.