‘Magnificent T. Rex’ Found on Montana Ranch, Museum Reports (With Pictures)

T. rex excavation site

The newfound Tyrannosaurus rex is being excavated at this ranch site in eastern Montana.

The Naturalis Biodiversity Center, which helmed the excavation, didn’t describe or disclose the site’s location, other than to note that it is private land whose owners, by rights, own the fossil.

But the owners have given the museum the rights of first purchase, and Naturalis is raising money to buy it.

The site falls within the Hell Creek Formation, a wide swath stretching from Wyoming to southern Alberta that, in T. rex‘s day, was a subtropical set of river deltas and coastal marshes that lined an ancient sea.

The formation’s erstwhile combination of ideal dinosaur habitat and low-energy water flows made it one of the richest deposits of dinosaur fossils in the world.

(Photo credit: Servaas Neijens/Naturalis)


Naturalis Finds the Coveted T. Rex,” Sept. 7, 2013

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  2. Kem Kough

    The natural history museum of Leiden Netherlands says that they have too many herbivorous dinosaurs and no carnivorous dinosaurs so they want a T rex. Is this a balance of nature thing? Hopefully they don’t think this will solve the too many herbivorous dinosaur problem.